You can now play Dark Souls 3 in First-Person Mode

Dark Souls 3 first-person

YouTuber Iron Pineapple has uploaded a preview of Dark Souls 3 first-person gameplay, which grants players a unique, more involved perspective on Dark Souls 3’s visceral and brutal combat.

The ability to play Dark Souls 3 from a first-person perspective is not – and probably never will be – an official game feature – instead the YouTuber is using a community-created mod available for free download to any Dark Souls players.

The mod is a relatively simple piece of code which changes the camera position and angle in order to provide a decent first-person view.

Players will have to adjust to the sight of ghostly hovering limbs however, as only the player’s hands and weapons are rendered in order for the camera to remain relatively unimpeded.

Reddit users and Iron Pineapple warn against downloading the mod and using it online, as From Software have been known to ban players for the slightest change in game files.

If you want to give Dark Souls 3’s first-person perspective mod a go –  you can download it here :

Check out some gameplay below:

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You can now play Dark Souls 3 in First-Person Mode

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