Windows 7 versus Windows 10 – gaming performance comparison

Windows 10 has reached more than 110 million devices

Windows 10 is becoming more popular among PC gamers, probably due to a combination of Microsoft’s aggressive marketing push and the exclusivity of DirectX 12.

However, a fair proportion of gamers still choose to use the more familiar Windows 7.

We decided to do some research and find out which of the two Windows operating systems are objectively better for gaming.


The only way to accurately measure a difference in gaming performance between the two operating systems is to find hardware-identical benchmarks.

Luckily, Techspot and PCGamer have both conducted in-depth tests to see if a performance difference exists.

Check out their benchmark results below (click to enlarge):

PC Gamer 1

PC Gamer 2

BioShock Infinite Techspot

Metro Redux Techspot

Hitman Absolution Techspot

Tomb Raider Techspot

Crysis 3 Techspot

The Verdict

The collection of benchmarks above shows no discernible performance difference between gaming using Windows 7 or Windows 10.

According to the above data, gamers should use whatever operating system they prefer, regardless of performance concerns.

However, it is important to note that DirectX 12, the newest API developed by Microsoft, will be exclusive to Windows 10.

This means that Windows 7 users may miss out on performance improvements implemented by the new API.

Do you use Windows 10 or Windows 7 on your gaming PC? Let us know in the comments and forums.

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  • Anon.

    10 🙂

  • Andre

    for life….. ;p

  • That Guy Jon

    Newer is better

  • Jiraiya


  • MalicE_ZA


  • Christopher Wortman

    The issue is they don’t say if aero is running on 7 while the games are. I find it increases my fps when disabled.

  • Colin Smith

    Tried windows 10 twice. Back on 7. Will move to 10 in 2-3 years time when i really have to.

  • Spidiir

    10 rocks!

  • Beans


  • #Anonymous48934

    windows 10 Sucks!

  • Space Chief

    Only if you believe M$ is your friend.

  • Space Chief

    It would be nice if the European Commission fined M$ for withholding DX12 from Win7. They could patch their sh-tty OS but nope, they need it as a reason to get people to buy another of their OS’es. Planned obsolescence.

  • RJ

    Wait for Vulcan 🙂

  • Dean Simonse

    DX 12 FTW!!

  • DreadReveller

    love it, opinions are like arse holes, everybody has one

  • Dead_Lemon

    x100 this! Vulcan has been looking very promising with it’s release with the new DOOM update

  • thornik

    > DirectX 12… will be exclusive to Windows 10.

    That means only one: Nobody in a health mind will develop game for DX12, reducing his client base! So yes, MS, put your “exclusive” DX in the a$$ and don’t bother us with your pathetic win10!

  • thornik

    You tried it in a wrong hole. 🙂
    Seriously, yes, I’ll stay with Win7 veeeery long time until Nadella dies.

  • thornik

    That’s true if you talk about girls.

  • rambo919

    some stink less than others though

  • Maestro

    Depends how often you wash it…

  • rambo919

    thoroughness might be more important

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    Looks like Windows 7 can still holds it own.

  • tjitah

    Yes, that was my exact experience. Also tried it twice, couple of things didn’t work and some poor features. (For example, put a DVD in the drive, little window comes up asking what you want to do. In Win7 it stays there, in Win 10 it disappears after 2 seconds and it is gone, really annoying). I’m back on Win7 and will also wait 2-3 years or until there is absolutely no other option.

  • Kosenator

    Win 10 sucks rocks? :p

    When it comes to DX9 games, i saw a few pages that show that win10 actually makes those run slower than Win7, courtesy of DX12 emulation for DX9. And call me old or behind the time, i still like UT2004.

  • Kosenator

    Newer [AND WORKING PROPERLY] is better. The Phantom Menace was definitely NOT better than any of the original Star Wars, when it came out….

  • Dirt-e-Gamer

    Win 7 is better because it uses less ram and more perfomance!!!!!!

  • Nadt Boonmee

    what really annoy me the most is the fact that even today is the fact that there still many small softwares not really compatible with win10. some hardware such as usb wifi still malfunction and not have the driver that really support win7. and when come to windows problem such as hanging, crash or bsod in the end win7 clearly easier to fix when win10…..most of times you have to reinstall it again.

  • hermann

    win 7 4 life

  • hermann

    not really, most games that run dx12 nowadays are both dx11 and dx12 compatible, maybe in the far future when win 7 gets discontinued as win xp will we see dx12 only games

  • hermann


Windows 7 versus Windows 10 – gaming performance comparison

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