The most over-hyped games that failed terribly

Failed Games

We now live in a world where thanks to social media and the internet, video games can sell themselves. Forums and media hype up releases of games, and then when the game is out, it usually fails to impress in one way or another.

I have played these games, and as much as I tried to deny it, hype sold it to me. When I played them however, it did not go down well.

Here are some of the most overhyped games which failed terribly.


Released on the PlayStation 3, Haze looked great in the gameplay footage and trailers. The game was a fresh take on the FPS genre, with split screen co-op and a so-called “gripping” story.

Ubisoft had invested a bucket-load of money into Haze as developer Free Radical, the guys behind Timesplitters, thought the world needed a new FPS.

If anything, the game was probably one of the most anticipated games for the PS3.

In the end, the game failed terribly. Its poor writing, shoddy visuals, and general cheap gimmicks made it feel like a game a 3-year old could make.

Ubisoft even went as far as to cancel the Xbox 360 and PC release of the game.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The PS3 had just been launched, and what better way to celebrate its release than with a brand new Sonic reboot?

The release of the PS3 also went hand-in-hand with the 15th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, which made it the perfect game to release alongside the console.

Instead of making a Sonic game that could stand the test of time, SEGA decided to make a game that merged some sort of real-life princess with the blue hedgehog.

In the end, we got a poorly written game with terrible gameplay, bland environments, and bugs, lots of them.

The game looked good in theory and maybe the trailers helped with its marketing, but it was a complete disaster that gave the Sonic series a bad name for years.

Duke Nukem Forever

Let me make this short and quick. Duke Nukem Forever will always be remembered for being one of those game which took the longest time to release, and the shortest time to become the worst game in history.

The game was in development for over 10 years, which then released in 2011.

The game was an instant failure. Its visuals, story, shooting, and everything that made Duke look great were met with harsh criticism.

There was nothing appealing about the game, and it did not show off 10 years of development at all. The series has since been shelved until someone else has the nerve to try something new.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

An Alien game, what could go wrong? The series has everything it needs to be a great game, as we saw in the past with Aliens and Aliens Vs Predator.

With Gearbox Software at the helm, the creators of Borderlands, we expected a great FPS.

Instead of great, we got one of the most controversial games in history, due its overall poor gameplay, story, and visuals.

The game was supposed to be a continuation of the movie series, but proved to be one of the worst written stories in gaming and exhibited a poor use of Aliens lore.

The game was such a failure that Gearbox Software and SEGA were actually sued by gamers for misleading advertising. Yes, people hated it that much.

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII was not a bad game, but it was not good either. The game was first announced at E3 2004, and went on to becoming one of the most anticipated RPGs on PS3, but we would have to wait for it.

We did not see or hear of the game until 2009, when Square Enix revealed the official release date for the game alongside a partnership with British singer/songwriter Leona Lewis.

A year later the game released worldwide with high expectation, and gamers ran out to buy the game.

The game was criticized for its linear gameplay and downgraded visuals, but most of all for not being “true” to the Final Fantasy series.

Fans disliked the use of save points, continuations after death, and auto health-refill after battles. In general, the game was overhyped, and did not meet expectations.

Medal of Honor

The world needs good FPS games, as the saturated genre is becoming rather predicable. Well, EA and DICE had a plan, and that plan was a Medal of Honor reboot.

The game had the Call of Duty action with the Medal of Honor brand, so what could go wrong? Well, it seems that everything went wrong, as the game released with a poor storyline, an Americanized cliche plot, and shoddy visuals.

EA then tried again with the sequel just two years later, but it received even more criticism due to the game’s failure to have been improved over its predecessor..

It has been a few years now, and EA seems to have dropped the series as we have not seen or heard of it since.


We all know that Ubisoft love to create hype, and their open-world hacker-themed GTA clone was the only game the world cared about when the PS4 and Xbox One were launched back in 2013.

Things did not turn out as well as Ubisoft hoped however, as the game was delayed by 6 months and then released in dozens of versions with DLC and massive in-game purchases.

If this was not enough, the game was a massive downgrade compared to its reveal trailers, and the biggest feature in the game, the hacking and whole Lizard Squad idea, fell flat.


Destiny might be a great game now – well, sort of – but it was also one of the most anticipated games of this generation, which unfortunately was met with harsh criticism. The game’s development began in 2010, after Bungie departed the Halo series.

With a $500 million budget, the game successfully built up hype closer to its release date. The idea of an FPS MMO with RPG mechanics was surely a winning combination.

Unfortunately, when the game released it was a massive let down, as its story, lore, and overall grinding mechanics failed to impress the gaming world.

It has been almost two years since the game’s release, and players are still hoping for new content as they grind the same old activities in the same empty galaxy.

Destiny was meant to be an industry changing title, but it left no impact at all.

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The most over-hyped games that failed terribly

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