Sony to reveal a new series of hardware

Well-respected leaker Tom Henderson has leaked that Sony is gearing up to announce a new lineup of gaming-centric hardware, which will include a new PS5 controller, three headsets, and two gaming monitors.

Last week, Henderson reported via Try Hard Guides that Sony will potentially reveal a new PlayStation 5 Pro controller during a hardware reveal event that is expected to take place in the coming weeks.

The new controller, codenamed “Hunt”, will keep the classic PlayStation 5 style while offering several interesting features including removable analog sticks, trigger stops, rear buttons (flappy paddles), and significant software upgrades.

New reports have now claimed that during the hardware reveal event, Sony will also unveil its new “INZONE” H-series headsets and two gaming monitors under the INZONE brand.

These headsets will comprise an entry-level, mid-range, and high-end model which will be determined by the respective prices and features.

The names and features of each headset are shown below, with images sourced by 91mobile.


  • Wired headset
  • Cheapest headset
  • 360 Spatial Sound


  • Wireless headset
  • 360 Spatial Sound
  • Best battery life


  • Wireless headset
  • 360 Spatial Sound
  • Most expensive headset
  • Noise-cancelling sound

Sony gaming monitors

Sony is also expected to reveal two brand-new monitors that have “exclusive features for PlayStation” such as auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode.

According to Henderson, both monitors will offer gaming assist features like displaying FPS, game time, and a viewfinder, while also offering improved brightness in dark locations.

Other notable features include VRR support, 1ms latency, and HDR.

Additionally, one of the gaming monitors will come with support for 4K gaming at 144 Hz while the other will support 1080p gaming at 240 Hz.

The pricing of these new Sony products is not yet known.

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Sony to reveal a new series of hardware

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