Let ‘Skynet’ help you skip the grind

Sony has successfully patented an AI-assisted “auto-play mode” intended to help players work through more mundane activities.

This mode will take control of the game being played and complete repetitive tasks on behalf of players.

According to the patent Sony filed, this new mode is not intended to 100% games or beat difficult bosses but instead is an option for those players looking to avoid “grinding content”.

This could include resource gathering, levelling up, and even travelling.

The new mode will also use data gathered from the user to emulate their playstyle when it takes over – allowing it to behave as if the player were still in control.

Once the task assigned has been completed, the auto-play mode will prompt the player to take back control or allow the mode to continue playing.

Sony has not announced when or if this new technology will be implemented, but public reception has been mixed.

Some players have expressed interest in potentially cutting out the more tedious parts of their games; however, the vast majority have been more critical.

Players have raised concerns such as why someone would buy a game they won’t end up playing themselves and, if monotonous content is such an issue, why not remove it entirely rather than introduce a more convoluted solution.

Essentially, this implies that Sony is coming up with solutions to problems it is intentionally creating.

Some players also expressed concerns that this could prompt Sony to add more grinding content to promote a monetised version of the auto-play mode – given recent gaming practices regarding paywalled content, this is a very valid concern.

Sony has not yet made any official announcement addressing these concerns.

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Let ‘Skynet’ help you skip the grind

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