PS1 emulator officially available on the App Store

A free PlayStation 1 emulator, Gamma, has been listed on the App Store – allowing users to download and play PS1 titles provided they have the disks for the games.

This is chiefly thanks to Apple changing its guidelines last month to allow emulators to be listed on the platform.

Among those to be listed is Gamma, a PS1 emulator from Benjamin Stark (ZodTTD) and which will allow users to relive older titles.

The emulator will require users to burn PS1 disks they already have into software known as ROMs – which can then be used with the emulator.

Using the emulator you’ll gain access to:

Save States:

  • Save and load a game at any point.
  • Automatically save your progress.


  • Use your favorite backup services to sync your files.
  • Automatically backs up your save states.

Hardware Controller Support:

  • Supports your favorite console and PC bluetooth and MFi game controllers.
  • Bluetooth and wired keyboards are also supported!

Controller Skins:

  • Comes with well-crafted portrait and landscape controllers.
  • Create your own controller skins.

Game Cover Artwork:

  • Quickly set game cover artwork to your titles.

Gamma is available to download for free on the App Store and requires an iPhone or iPad with iOS 15 or later.

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PS1 emulator officially available on the App Store

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