Tips and tricks for the PS4’s sharing and streaming features

PS4 Streaming

The PS4 has a built-in capture function, with all the great features you would expect. You can record everything you do, save it, export it to a USB or upload it straight to YouTube, stream it to Twitch, or just keep all your epic moments on your PS4 for safe keeping.

If you want to take your streaming and YouTube page to the next level, you can use the PS4’s features to provide a solid video experience – here is how.

Set up your Sharing correctly

There are a few settings which you need to take into account when using the PS4’s sharing and game DVR features. If you plan to record gameplay and commentary, then you should focus on certain settings to increase your video quality.

PS4 Streaming

Hitting the share button on the PS4 will open the sharing options, pressing the option button will then give you all the options for the DVR.

Share Button Type – This changes the way the PS4 detects when you want to start recording a new clip, and how to save what you have recorded using the share button.

Length of Clip – This refers to the length of the clip and how long it will take before the PS4 automatically saves it for you.

Screenshot Setting – This is a new feature on the PS4 which allows you to change the default screenshot from JPEG to PNG. I highly recommend changing it to PNG, as it produces a high-quality, uncompressed screenshot which is better for viewing and editing.

Broadcast Settings –  If you plan to broadcast gameplay then this menu is for you. It lets you tailor-make your own personal stream.

Here you will change what audio gets broadcasted through your mic when streaming and whether or not it will include audio from party-chat. Here you can also change your message to spectators, as well as the colour of your menu.

Audio Sharing Settings – If you plan to record gameplay to use later this setting is vital.

This menu lets you decide what audio is recorded when you start recording a new clip. If you are showcasing a team match, then setting it to save chat party audio would be ideal, as it will help the viewer get a better understanding of exactly what you are doing.

Link with Other Services – If you have a Twitch, YouTube or other compatible account, then here is where you would input your details to share the clips and screenshots you take. Just enter the settings and sign into your account. Done!

PS4 Streaming

Creating the perfect video clip

Now that you know what the settings do, you can head on and start recording a gameplay clip.

Here are some tips to get the best out of the clip.

  • Do not use the PlayStation Camera as a mic, it is not ideal as the recording quality is low and it will also record gameplay sound from your TV or speakers. Stick to the original mic that came bundled with the PS4, or use a headset microphone. You can turn on the option to record audio from you mic in the Audio Settings which was covered above.
  • Do not be afraid to spam the share button every time you want to save something, as the PS4 automatically starts recording every time you save a clip, so you will never not have a recording.
  • Make use of ShareFactory – it is a great app. Although it has a bunch of preset templates try and be unique when using it, everyone uses the typical PlayStation branding, and you don’t want to follow the herd.


Creating the perfect stream

Streaming is a bit tougher, as you want to look professional. Once you have chosen which service to go with and have the correct equipment set up, it is smooth sailing from there.

  • Streaming is nothing without good internet, so make sure your infrastructure can handle a good stream.
  • If you are going to use the PlayStation Camera, mute it and use the mic from your headset or earpiece instead. It will cause issues with sound and is not ideal for audio recording.
  • Feel free to go wild across various broadcast websites. When playing a game, all you need to do is press the share button, and then head into Broadcast game play. Here you sign into the account and service you want to stream to, and you are good to go.

If streaming is not your thing and videos bore you, then you can make use of the Live from PlayStation app to watch other people play games and do awesome stuff.

This requires no special settings – just open the app and start watching.

Do you use any of these features on a daily basis? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Tips and tricks for the PS4’s sharing and streaming features

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