Expect supply chain issues throughout 2022 – Xbox CFO

During an investor call hosted by financial services company Baird, Xbox CFO Tim Stuart said he expects supply issues to continue throughout 2022 and into the holiday season.

As reported by Gamesindustry.biz, Stuart indicated that the issues are partially the result of the recent lockdowns in China.

Sony has also been suffering from supply chain issues for its PlayStation 5, and these have been caused by a shortage of the semiconductor chips that are used within the console.

Current predictions indicate that the semiconductor shortages could continue into 2023 – which would extend the current console supply issues.

One slight positive of this delay is that most AAA titles released exclusively on next-gen consoles have been delayed to the point that there may be more consoles available by the time these games are released.

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Expect supply chain issues throughout 2022 – Xbox CFO