Who has the cheapest Xbox 360?

MyGaming has put local gaming and consumer retailers, Makro, Game, Animeworx, Takealot, CNA, and BT Games, up against one another to see who offers the best price for a 4G Xbox 360 console and controller bundle.

Other retailers were looked at, unfortunately they did not have stock or the console is currently unavailable.

Due to its cost, the 4GB Xbox 360 console has become a family favourite and is often bundled with games and accessories, however, we set out to find the cheapest option for the stock-standard 4GB console and controller, for those looking to find a cheap gaming option.

Below are the prices for the standard 4GB Xbox 360 console with controller bundle (prices are correct at time of posting):

The RRP for the 4GB console and controller is from R1,999 – R2,499.

Retailer Price
Makro R1,999.00
Game R1,999.00 (white)
CNA R2,399.90
Takealot R2,499
Animeworx R2,499 (currently unavailable)
BT Games R2,699.90 (with Kinect and 3 games)

The findings show that big retailers Makro and Game both have the 4GB console at the lowest price, with both putting the console at R1,999.00.

Most gamers would prefer to pick up the console in its vanilla state; however, if you want some games and extras, BT Games’ 4GB console, Kinect camera and 3 Kinect games is a solid option too, obviously with a higher price tag.

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Who has the cheapest Xbox 360?

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