Xbox One headset adapter arriving in 2014

Xbox One controller

Microsoft has confirmed that the adapter which will allow gamers to use third-party headsets with the console will only arrive in early 2014.

“Xbox will release an adapter in early 2014 that allows consumers to connect many brands of wired gaming headsets to the Wireless Controller for gaming and chat audio,” a Microsoft spokesperson said.

“Every console at launch does include the Xbox One Chat Headset, and we are working with third-party manufacturers to create new headsets that will take full advantage of the Xbox One technology,” Microsoft said.

A number of third-party companies, including Turtle Beach, have already announced compatible headsets.

Players can however use the new Kinect camera for voice chat over multiplayer games.

For South African gamers, the delay in the adapter won’t have a big impact, as the console itself is still awaiting a firm 2014 release date in SA.

Source: Gamespot

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Xbox One headset adapter arriving in 2014

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