Two new Xbox consoles coming soon: report

Xbox One two new consoles

FCC filing points point to the upcoming announcement of two new Xbox devices this year, arstechnica reports.

This information was discovered by a NeoGaf forum member, who unearthed two FCC filings from March which hint at the development of wireless devices for new Xbox consoles.

There are two different part numbers that appear in the FCC filings – 1683 and 1682.

Part number 1683 is linked to the Xbox One- featuring the same model number and similar documentation.

The confidentiality of the filing will expire in June – pointing towards an E3 release of an improved Xbox One console. It has been speculated that this device could be something like an Xbox One Slim.

Part number 1682 features links to the Xbox console family but points towards a brand new iteration of the device, as it does not share the same similarities as the other FCC filing.

It is possible that the filing for part number 1682 could mean an improved Xbox console, similar to Sony’s PlayStation 4K or the rumoured Xbox neXt. The confidentiality for this filing expires in July.

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Two new Xbox consoles coming soon: report

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