Check out the awesome hidden games you can play in Google right now

Over the years Google has slowly added more and more cool things you can do with its search bar.

While typing “barrel roll” and “askew” into the search bar is fun for a couple of laughs, did you know you can also play full games?

We took a look at the best ones below:


Originally brought to life as a 2010 doodle instead of a search bar game, you can play the arcade classic Pac-Man right in your browser.

All you have to do is type “Pac-Man” into the search bar and the game will pop up allowing you to play.



Typing in “Atari Breakout” into Google Images will magically transform the results into an old-school video game console and will let you play Atari’s iconic 1972 game.


Zerg Rush

In honour of the classic StarCraft strategy game, you to can defend yourself from the relentless Zerg onslaught.

Type the term into your search bar and prepare for plenty of bug killing.



Our personal favourite, typing in T-Rex Game to the Google search bar will allow you to take control of the error mascot in a side-scrolling adventure.


Flight Simulator

While Google Maps is an incredibly useful tool to help you get about and street view is sweet for helping you spy on your neighbours – they’re not the best part of Google’s topography app.

It’s the fact that you can fly over it all in real time in Google’s take on flight simulation.


Roll some Dice

Need some help deciding something or just some help for family game night?

Simply type “Roll a Dice” into the search bar and you have a handy six-sided die.


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Check out the awesome hidden games you can play in Google right now

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