5 incredible Star Wars gaming PCs

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Whether you’re a hardcore PC gamer or just use a computer for more regular activities, it isn’t difficult to appreciate the amazing work done by case modders around the world.

Star Wars is among the most popular themes for custom gaming rigs, and some modders go so far as to build entire cases based on Star Wars characters and vehicles.

Check out these absolutely jaw-dropping custom-built gaming PCs below:

Venator-Class Destroyer

This insane custom-built PC gaming case is a model of a Venator-Class Imperial Destroyer from Star Wars.

It features a ridiculous amount of LED lighting, a 400m radiator, and a full custom watercooling loop.

The case was built for CES 2016 and shown off at the MSI booth, where the folks over at GamersNexus got to check it out.

Star Wars Venerator Case




R2-D2 Case Mod

This R2-D2 case mod is the result of a full transformation carried out by a creative gamer.

The holo-projector on the front of the R2-D2 head even lights up when the SSD is being accessed.

R2D2 1

R2D2 2

R2D2 3

R2D2 4

TIE Fighter Desk

This awesome TIE Fighter desk was built by by a DIY gamer for an ExtremeTech case modding competition.

The fighter’s core houses the relatively small PC, while the rest of the model serves as a desk frame.

Tie Fighter Desk 1

Tie Fighter Desk 2

Tie Fighter Desk 3

Millennium Falcon

This tiny Millennium Falcon is a unique build, involving the re-purposing of a toy as a case and the inclusion of low-profile PC parts.

The build fits comfortably on a desk, features LED lighting, and retains the toy’s various quirky functions, including laser sounds and flashing lights.

millennium falcon 1

millennium falcon 2

millennium falcon 3

millennium falcon 4

Imperial AT-AT

This detailed Mini-ITX PC build was created by a modder named Asphiax, who specialises in sci-fi case mods.

Featuring a striking lighting scheme and functional frame, this Imperial AT-AT gaming PC is sure to grab attention at any LAN.

Imperial AT-AT

Imperial AT-AT 3

Imperial AT-AT 2

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5 incredible Star Wars gaming PCs

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