Best priced PC monitors in SA

If you’re looking to upgrade your monitor but your wallet is home to more mothballs than notes, you’ll need to shop around for the best deals on a new gaming monitor. You might not get a the latest 3D technology, super thin bezels, or fancy cable management systems, but sometimes budget monitors offer the right size, quality, and price tag that makes them a winner. Here are some of the best prices on monitors in South Africa.

Depending on a range of factors including space and gaming needs, there are various monitor options that can suit your budget. Below are the cheapest monitors in a variety of categories from South African online retailers including LandmarkPC, Sybaritic, Rebeltech, Wootware, Prophecy and Takealot. Monitors used were the cheapest of their respective size and/or feature class available from the store irrespective of brand.

23 inch class 24 inch class 27 inch class 3D capable
LandmarkPC R1,912.92 (Philips 234EL2) R2,005.26 (Viewsonic VX2450WM) R2,893.32 (Philips 273E3LHSB) R2,130.66 (LG D2342P-PN)
Sybaritic R2,507.00 (Asus VS247H) R6,395.00 (Asus PA248Q) R4,137.00 (Asus VK278Q) N/A
Rebeltech R1,858.00 (Zalman TM230) R2,215.00 (Acer S240HLBD) R2,755.00 (Acer H274HLBMD) R2,395.00 (Zalman ZM-M215W)
Wootware R1,800.00 (LG E2341V-BN) R2,099.00 (LG E2441T-bn) R2,967.00 (Philips 273E3LHSB) R2,106.00 (LG D2342P-pn)
Prophecy R1,711.71 (LG E2350V) R1,773.16 (LG W2443T-PF) R3,403.36 (LG W2753V-PF) R6,830.54 (Samsung S27A950D)
Takealot R1,999.00 (LG D2342P-PN) R2,481.00 (Samsung S24B370H) R4,058.00 (LG E2770V-BF) R1,999.00 (LG D2342P-PN)

What’s most striking in the above table is the sheer number of different models from different brands available from different stores. In previous comparisons we spotted trends showing which brands targeted the budget segment. However, in this comparison, apart from the Phillips 273E3LHSB in the 27-inch class category, and the LG D2342P-pn in the 3D category, no monitors appeared more than once on our list.

Secondly, there is a wide gap between pricing at various stores, with some models which were the cheapest on offer at a particular store being many times more expensive than the cheapest models at other stores. This came down to what the store stocked. In some cases there was a range of monitors (LandmarkPC has quite an extensive range); in other cases (such as Sybaritic) there weren’t many monitors on offer, and those that were for sale are typically not budget focused.

If you’re looking for a 23- or 24-inch class monitor, Prophecy is the store for you, offering the lowest prices on both size classes with the LG E2350V and LG W2443T-PF. Rebeltech offered the cheapest 27-inch class monitor (the Acer H274HLBMD), while Takealot has the cheapest 3D capable monitor on offer, the LG D2342P-pn.

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Best priced PC monitors in SA

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