AMD Radeon HD7990 reviews go live


AMD’s Radeon HD7990 has been in the works for over a year and today (24 April 2013) the company has lifted the embargo on reviews worldwide.

Reviews so far have been favourable for many titles, although it is noted that this is a paper launch. Very few vendors will be selling the card this week and it’s only expected to land on European shores in the next three weeks. Its price is set at $1000 or R9192 as of today’s exchange rate.

Hexus gave it their performance award and were quite pleased with the card’s potential. Techpowerup! gave it a score of 8.3, noting that it’s elegant cooler design was better than third-party efforts from the likes of HIS and PowerColor.

While AMD has allowed it’s partners to make their own version of the HD7990 over the last few months, with cards like the PowerColor Devil 13 and HIS’ HD7970x2, there hasn’t been a reference design from the company, even though many fans expected one after the release of the HD7970 in December 2011. The HD7990, codenamed “Malta”, sandwiches two Radeon HD7970 cores onto a single circuit board and internally wired up in Crossfire mode.

It already works with the standard AMD Catalyst driver suite, although AMD is promising a new Catalyst version to ship when the card is available in the retail channel, which promises to make big changes to the way Crossfire runs in games. Currently it’s labeled as “Catalyst Prototype” by many reviewers.

The HD7990’s power consumption is also very close to Nvidia’s GTX690, although AMD’s HD7000 graphics cores are designed to be more powerful, not more efficient as is the case with Nvidia’s graphics cards.

The HD7990 also will be bundled with the full complement of games from the Never Settle bundle, which includes BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Hitman: Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Sources: TechpowerUp!, Tom’s Hardware, PC Perspective, Anandtech,
Dollar-Rand exchange rate: R9.19 to $1 as of 24th April 2013 according to

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  • Vorastra

    So for around R9k you get this beast of a card and all those games…..why am I still using Nvidia ?

  • Mark Smith

    Not bad but disappointing that it equals the 690 that has been out for a while.

    Probably be around the same price as the 690 when it arrives here…

    Wish AMD could also sort out there power usage 75w extra is quite a lot

  • 9 grand is a massive amount to pay. Wish I had the bucks!

  • oomjan

    lol this is a bit late. next cards should be here soon.

  • That extra 75W of headroom isn’t even maxed out. Techpowerup could only get the card to consume just over 340W and that was while running Furmark. I think the fact that AMD chopped off over 100W from two physical HD7970s in Crossfire is bloody brillieant. Those Catalyst drivers will make everything even sweeter.

  • Good question! 😛

  • By soon you mean next year, right? HD7000 series won’t be replaced this year and that’s straight from AMD’s mouth.

  • oomjan

    frametime is a bit high to for my taste

  • You should check out PC Perspective’s take on the card with the beta prototype drivers. All the frame time issues get cleaned right up for single-monitor resolutions.

  • Vorastra

    Wait so how will AMD go toe-to-toe with Nvidia’s 700 series ? DO NOT say that the 700 series is not coming this year…..I will cry.

    *Also I see you actively taking part in the comments section for this article. We need more of this. Would be nice if all the writers would do this more.

  • If it’s coming this year at Computex, whatever the Geforce 700 series will be, it’s nothing really new. They might be rebranded GPUs at one price point lower than the 600 series, but I expect Maxwell (the next family codename) to only come out at the end of the year. Nvidia could quite easily keep the 600 series going as per normal and earn another billion dollars (remember, Kepler is sold one bracket lower than usual already because of it’s high performance and relatively cheap manufacturing cost), but offer two cut-down versions of Titan to dominate the $300 price gap between the GTX680 and the GTX690.

AMD Radeon HD7990 reviews go live

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