Nintendo’s thoughts on Brexit, VR, Movies and Pickachu cookies

Nintendo recently held its 76th Annual General Meeting in Tokyo and let slip some interesting details about its upcoming plans.

In addition to finally addressing its VR plans, we also heard about Nintendo’s thoughts on Brexit, and when we could start seeing Nintendo movies.

Below are some of the biggest highlights from the Q&A session:

The Wii U is essentially being retired and the 3DS is past its peak, but aren’t your business forecasts unrealistic? Will they not be revised downward? Please break it down as basically as possible.

 3DS sales have passed 58m. We can profit by delivering software to this base. We believe Pokemon will do so. We believe smart device titles will be profitable. We’re cautious about British EU exit effects, which may affect sales and profits if the yen continues to be strong.

It’s been reported that Great Britain is leaving the EU. Does this affect Nintendo, and if so, what are you doing about it?

Financial markets are in turmoil. For now, the yen is strengthening, causing our foreign assets to fall. We have Nintendo UK, and safety standards and personal information regulations from the EU may change under the UK. We’re watching the situation and making preparations.

Looking at the balance sheet, I think this is a very good company, but the stock price is low and needs to be increased. For example, focusing on VR, developing software for elders to exercise and prevent dementia, and other various types of efforts. I would also like a young director to be appointed.

Other companies’ VR presentations at E3 became a topic of discussion. It has captured customers’ interest, and while we’re researching it, we don’t have anything concrete to discuss now. To increase the stock price, we’re utilizing our IP, researching QOL, preparing the NX, and taking on many such challenges.

About utilizing your IPs, I saw a report that you’ll be making movies. What will you do about not just money, but people? Miyamoto-san may be motivated to make movies, but how will human resources be divided among games, theme parks, etc.?

We’re in discussions with a partner to work on films together. People are a valuable resource; each needs to be trained, and the relationships with our external partners are also important.

I’m Miyamoto, and I’m motivated to make movies. (The audience laughs.) Film is an interesting field, and are needed to help make Nintendo’s IPs unforgettable. The characters used only by Nintendo are precious across the world. For films we aren’t ready to talk about it yet, but we haven’t said that we’re making movies. We made short movies for Pikmin and Star Fox, but those were made mostly externally, and it was just me from Nintendo. For theme parks, we’re cooperating with Universal Studios. It’ll take some time before there are results, but please look forward.

In addition to the Q&A and the financial releases, all attendees were also given a Mario towel, Pikachu cookies, and room-temperature green tea.

Nintendo 02

You can fin the full Q&A session here.

Are you excited/worried about any of Nintendo’s answers? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

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Nintendo’s thoughts on Brexit, VR, Movies and Pickachu cookies

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