HD vs UHD vs 4K – None of these matter, here’s the screen you should get instead

Philips 4k monitor

Buying a new television or monitor is a big deal.

It is quite literally the visual presentation of how powerful your gaming PC and/or console is, meaning it has to be large enough, fast enough, and pretty enough for your needs.

As a result, monitor discussions over the past couple of years have revolved around “going bigger”.

Bigger screen real estate, higher resolutions, more features – all we’re doing is taking old technology and improving on it across the board.

But what if we told you there was another serious consideration you should make?

Ultrawide monitors offer an alternative to the standard 16:9 resolution, offering up a much wider ratio (such as 21:9) for your activities.

They effectively act as two monitors stacked side by side (but without the annoying bezel), allowing you to multi-task between various windows freely.

They’re also a joy for gaming with the wider Field of View offering up a complete different experience, especially in racing, third-person and first-person titles.

Because the pixels are also theoretically being bumped up diagonally, Ultrawide screens also don’t require as much from your hardware.

Of course, the technology does have its faults – it can be a bit of a pain to get content to work in the correct aspect ratio and older games are not too fond in running anything over 1920 x 1080.

They can also be a tad pricey, considering you’re not getting the massive pixel counts of a 4K monitor for more or less the same price.

I’m not saying 4K or 1440p gaming is bad – but an expanded field of view and relatively low GPU requirements put Ultrawide monitors in a league of their own.


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HD vs UHD vs 4K – None of these matter, here’s the screen you should get instead

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