Xbox Scorpio will be more powerful than PlayStation Neo

Xbox Scorpio

Xbox officially confirmed the upcoming Project Scorpio console at E3 2016.

Project Scorpio is set to arrive at the end of 2017 and will feature a staggering 6 TFLOPS of processing power.

The console is reportedly aimed at 4K gaming at 60Hz, and will be able to provide gamers with an unprecedented amount of power.

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Neo has also made similar promises, and also features a massive increase in processing power.

However, the performance of the PlayStation Neo is only rated at 4.2 TFLOPS according to leaked specifications – placing it firmly behind Project Scorpio in terms of gaming performance.

Below is a comparison of the PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio’s known specifications:

Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation Neo Specifications
Xbox Scorpio
PlayStation Neo
CPU 8 cores 8 Jaguar cores @ 2.1GHz
Memory Bandwidth 320GB/s 218GB/s
Peak Compute 6 TFLOPS 4.2 TFLOPS

Although both devices will introduce a new level of performance to console gamers, the Xbox Scorpio is set to offer considerably more processing power if the current specifications remain unchanged.

This will mark a sudden role reversal, as the PlayStation 4 has held a firm, unchallenged performance advantage over the Xbox One for many years – boasting 1.84 TFLOPS over the Xbox One’s 1.32 TFLOPS.

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Xbox Scorpio will be more powerful than PlayStation Neo

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