Can’t get 10Mbps ADSL? You might need to downgrade

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Telkom successfully upgraded 2Mbps ADSL users to 4Mbps ADSL as of 23 December 2013, and will start to upgrade 1Mbps subscribers to 2Mbps on 15 January as planned.

However, not all 4Mbps ADSL users could be upgraded to 10Mbps because their exchanges or lines do not support the higher speeds.

Telkom highlighted that there are a number of possible sync speeds between 4Mbps and 10Mbps and this is dependent, among other things, on distance from exchange and quality of the copper infrastructure.

Many “Fastest DSL” subscribers therefore still pay for the fastest possible ADSL connection, but are now getting the same speed as “faster DSL” subscribers. This follows the upgrade of 2Mbps subscribers to 4Mbps.

Telkom confirmed that Telkom Internet’s “fastest DSL” customers who could not be upgraded to 10Mbps will not automatically be downgraded to the cheaper 4Mbps “faster DSL” service.

Telkom said that these subscribers can request to be downgraded should they not be able to achieve the higher speeds of Up to 10 Mbps.

Telkom said that customers requiring to downgrade to the up to 4Mbps profile should do so manually by contacting the ISP.

ADSL subscribers who have not been upgraded to 10Mbps and are looking for higher speeds may be encouraged to know that this may happen in future.

Telkom said that it is continuously seeking to improve the user experience of fixed line broadband access.

“Enhancements to our network access infrastructure is an ongoing process and future upgrades will be considered if it is technically possible as an outcome of improvements to the network,” Telkom said.

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  • Méno De Villiers

    Well be glad you got a upgrade. Telkom doesnt even want to install a tellephone line in the place I stay. Been waiting 7 months and still waiting. Order still pending.

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Sigh… Fibre is just so much better than copper

  • EbrahimAllie

    If you live in a suburban area, you may have some luck submitting a complaint to ICASA. Telkom told me to move when I wanted to upgrade the speed of my ADSL. I sent a formal complaint to ICASA and 1 month later my exchange was upgraded.

  • ReefZA

    Utter poop from telkom, they upgraded my exchange, I’m less than 1km away from the exchange, but nope, no 10mbit. Even though the availability checker says I should be on 10mbit.

    Though I’ve seen other people on the same exchange just a bit farther away that are getting speeds up to 10mbit.

  • Dianne Bayley

    #Telkom should tell people WHO can get the faster speeds. Been paying for 4-10 forever, and am now on ONE. I’m thinking “fibs”.

  • Me

    They call it bul.#$%&t baffels brains

  • OldRedNed

    Here is another cloud looming on the horizon. Telkom upped my ADSL bandwidth from 10GB to 20GB (10GB + 10GB On Promotion) from 1 September 2013. I see this ‘promotion’ ends on 31 March 2014. Does this mean Telkom will snatch back the 10GB ‘promotion’ on 1 April – coincidently ‘April Fools Day?

Can’t get 10Mbps ADSL? You might need to downgrade

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