Biggest gaming news this week

February is here, but before we begin celebrating the second month of 2013, we still had a week of January gaming madness to wrap up.

The GTA V release date was finally announced, the Polokwane croc debacle inspired a game parody, and the violent video games debate raged on.

MyGaming also looked ahead to what games February had in store for us, along with some co-op games you can look forward to, and compared some uncapped ADSL prices.

Closer to home, we launched our redesigned MyGaming website and have a great competition to celebrate. We’d love to hear what you think of the new site: MyGaming reloaded: win prizes for checking out the new site


Games of Feb 2013

Co-op games to look forward to
Games of February 2013
Gamers deserve special ADSL treatment
Uncapped ADSL price comparison
Games you can play this week
Cybersmart plans game servers, improved ADSL for gaming 

Local news

Weekend gaming specials
Polokwane croc debacle inspires game parody
Crysis 3 open beta SA: iGame hosts servers
BT Games clearance sale deals revealed
iGame preparing “unparalleled mayhem” for SA gamers
SA team confirmed for Battlefield 3 Nation’s Cup
MWEB’s new, cheaper uncapped ADSL packages
The Last of Us SA special editions prices confirmed
Free Gears 1 with Judgment pre-order in SA
BT Games launches XL store with sales special 

News you should check out

GTA V news header

New Battlefield game confirmed
GTA V release date announced
Fresh PS4 specs leaked, new controller, user accounts detailed
Sexism a misconception in the gaming industry: EA
Heroes of Newerth 3.0 first look
League of Legends pros banned for racism
Half-Life comes to Mac and Linux
Violent video games debate rages on
Rockstar denies “sue the s*** out of me” claim
Final Fantasy responsible for fatal stabbing?
Senator apologises to gamers
EA supports gay rights, opposes Defense of Marriage Act
WarCraft movie gets new director, production schedule 

Videos you should check out

Dead Space 3 goes Phil Collins in launch trailer
Your mom was wrong!
Black Ops 2 zombies live-action episodes released
Medal of Honor shelved after poor reception
Battlefield 3 End Game DLC trailer arrives 


MyGaming Reloaded competition
Dota 2 MyGaming Sunday Evening Cup Series hosted by PolarfluKe

MyGaming Dota 2 SECS

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More gaming news:

Resident Evil 6 PC exclusive mode, release date confirmed

Crytek gives Vigil team a second life

China may lift 13-year video game console ban


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Biggest gaming news this week

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