Top 5 gaming romances

In celebration of Valentine’s day, it’s time to appreciate those gaming characters that have embraced love to the fullest – that’s right, we’re looking at the best romances in gaming.

Nate & Elena (Uncharted series)

What are the odds that gaming’s most daring treasure hunter (barring that other artefact-loving female), would be the ultimate ladies-man too? Nathan Drake had the ladies swooning from his first appearance in Uncharted, and even caused a tense love triangle in Among Thieves.

The women involved were Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazer. Drake inevitably chose Elena, and the two have one globe-spanning romance that most die-hard love fans would be envious of.

Nate Elena

Elena and Nate

Mario and Peach (Super Mario series)

Besides being an on-going stereotype, Mario is persistent.

Mario has chased Peach from castle to castle, constantly being disappointed and ditched, but the moustachioed Italian plumber has never given up.

The unrelenting nature of Mario has to be admired, and the cat-and-mouse game between him and Peach always keeps us coming back for more.

Mario Peach

Mario… getting stood up… again…

Dom & Maria (Gears of War 2)

While a more tragic story, the romance between Dom and Maria is one of the more serious-toned and powerful elements to the Gears of War franchise.

Dom’s quest to find his wife drives his strength in the war against the Locust hordes, and (SPOILER ALERT) when he finds Maria in the mid-point of Gears 2, she’s a shadow of her former self and on Death’s door. Dom is left to euthanise his beloved Maria, which marks a tragic and sad end to a romance we wish we saw more of.

Dom Maria

Dom and Maria

Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man (Mrs. Pac-Man)

Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man are the typical married couple. Mr. Pac is constantly following behind his wife, trying to keep up as she speeds through mall-like corridors.

While the only real difference between the two is a bow and some lipstick, the two yellow orbs make a great couple – they both share the same hobbies – running around dark rooms, listening to repetitive rave music and gobbling up pills… wait… what?

Mr Pac Man Mrs Pac Man

Mr. and Mrs. Pac Man out on the town

Sonic & Elise (Sonic the Hedgehog – 2006)

No matter how we put it, Sonic & Elise’s relationship is just plain weird, but we have to admire it.

Instead of settling down with Rouge the Bat or fellow hedgehog Amy Rose, everybody’s favourite spiked anthropomorph decided to hook up with a human princess.

The relationship is pretty awkward from the get-go, and a cringe-worthy kiss the two share just puts the cherry on top.

So, on that uncomfortable note, have a great Valentines Day!

Sonic Elise

Elise and Sonic

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  • Boodah

    ah man – you missed out the epic love story in Jade Empire… a BioWare classic. if you played a female character in the martial arts based rpg, careful dialogue selection allowed you to end up with a lesbian scene with one of the npc’s… cut scenes and all 😉

  • The Pac-Man one made me lol

  • You included Uncharted, but not Legend of Zelda? WTF?

  • I never knew that about Sonic! :O

  • Saint_Dee

    “they both share the same hobbies – running around dark rooms, listening to repetitive rave music and gobbling up pills… wait… what?” – Had me in stitches xD

  • The most romantic tale ever told was that of Guybrush Threepwood and Governor Elaine Marley of Melee Island™

Top 5 gaming romances

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