Top gaming news this week

This week moved incredibly fast, but that’s not to say things around MyGaming weren’t keeping up. We got an abundance of news – ranging from new console plans and movie deals, to stealthy killing and gun-wielding monkeys.


>> Gory games that you can play
>> Worst games of 2012 (so far)
>> 10 gaming facts you should know
>> FIFA 13 – 5 game-changing mechanics to look out for
>> New Super Mario Bros Wii U hands-on

Local news

>> Advice for SA game developers
>> 2upGamers 7th Gear debriefing
>> Local gamers can get their hands on a 3DS XL before launch
>> SA Tekken team to play test match against Pakistan

Check this out

Some things you should probably know about.

>> Ouya console Kickstarter makes $2 million in 24 hours
>> Beware: personal copies of games can get you sued
>> New hardware just around the corner
>> Intel mid-range chipsets detailed
>> 5 insane power supplies
>> Steam Summer Sale has launched

To the big-screen!

The video game and movie world draw closer once again.

>> Michael Fassbender to star in Assassin’s Creed movie
>> God of War movie being penned by Saw writers
>> Need for Speed movie gets dated
>> Deus Ex movie in the works
>> Expendables 2 video game trailer unleashed

Coming to a war-zone near you

War, video games and sexism in video games collided once again.

>> Mass Effect 3: Earth free DLC officially revealed
>> Black Ops 2 trailer introduces evil
>> Women in combat
>> Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer trailer takes on Battlefield 3
>> Battlefield 3 Armored Kill detailed

“A new contender enters the ring”

Some new games and IPs are looking promising.

>> High Moon and Marvel team up for Hit Monkey
>> The Walking Dead FPS gets a teaser trailer
>> DayZ retail version “a certainty”
>> Fortnite is Epic’s first Unreal Engine 4 game, PC exclusive

Hey, I know you…

And some familiar faces made a return.

>> Grand Theft Auto V screenshots to please fans
>> World of Warcraft argument leads to stabbing
>> Hitman Absolution: The Streets of Hope gameplay walkthrough
>> Assassin’s Creed III: Connor takes a deadly walkabout in Boston
>> Tomb Raider’s new actress tested in behind-the-scenes video
>> Rocksteady’s next Batman game to be a prequel?

How bizarre, how bizarre

And the plain strange.

>> Adult gamer trolls kids’ MW3 clan
>> Monster video game collection sells for €999,999.99 on eBay
>> Kama Sutra game rejected by Sony
>> Internet cat video film-festival is now a real thing

Video of the week

>> Borderlands 2 may have just won Best Trailer of the Year

Image of the week


Community comment of the week

“Worst games of 2012 (So Far):

1. Duke Nukem: Forever (2011)
2. Duke Nukem: Forever (2011)
3. Duke Nukem: Forever (2011)”

TehBrad, speaking about the worst games of the year.


Within all the chaos, we managed to review The Amazing Spider-man, London 2012 and Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations.

Thanks for checking out the news this week, and if you’d like to get involved with the MyGaming community, check out the comments sections on the site and head over to the MyGaming forums, where everyone is discussing their most anticipated game for 2012, PC gamers are still bantering solidly in the Steam discussion, and don’t be shy, there’s a spot to introduce yourself to the community.

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Top gaming news this week

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